A Catonsville Tradition

Did you know that Catonsville is older than Baltimore?  Originally, Catonsville was part of the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

Rolling Road Golf Club has a long standing history in the Catonsville Community.  The timeline below describes the evolution of the club and the community that it is a part of.

1848 - The Catonsville Country Club was founded and the clubhouse was built on the Glenn James Estate
1906 - The Clubhouse on the James Estate burned down, this would bring an abrupt end to The Catonsville Country Club and would eventually bring about the beginning of RRGC.
1907 - Members of the Catonsville Country Club began the Pot and Kettle Club
1919 - The land that RRGC currently resides on was deeded/bought and the Pot and Kettle Club officially became Rolling Road Golf Club and the original charter was filed and approved by the membership.
November 1919 - Due to World War I members of RRGC  began the building, by hand, of the first 9 holes of the golf course. The golf course officially opened on July 1,1919.
1922- The second of the 9 holes were designed and completed by a world renowned player and golf course architect Willie Park Jr.
1929 - Stock Market crashed and caused the US to plunge into the worst economic depression ever.  RRGC lost 40 of the 300 members in a six month  period.  The club fell into "financial difficulties" and Mr. Henry Morton began buying the stock of members in trouble.
1936 - RRGC began its first all women's group, which continues today, the 18 Hole Ladies Group.  When it first began it was 5 women, by 1940 45 women had joined the group. 
1937- Due to a large drop in membership, members ran an ad in the Catonsville Argus, that the club is under new management and would be offering "full privilege memberships" for $100 a year, payable quarterly.  This was a significant drop from the previous  
1938-1948 Mr.
Henry Morton became the majority stockholder and thereby official "owner" of RRGC and Bloomsbury Realty Corporation.  Without Mr. Morton buying the majority stockholder position with RRGC it very well may have gone bankrupt during the difficult Depression Era.  Mr. Morton appointed his son, Larry and his wife Agnes to operate the club.
1949 - A 7 man committee was formed to redo the operations of the club since it was taken over by Mr. Morton.  There seems to be a lot of dissatisfaction with the club by its members.  The committee created a plan and the plan was approved by Mr. Morton.

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